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Chandraprabha Vati


Chandraprabha Vati treats urinary tract disorders like (UTI), any bladder-related issues, muscle and joint pain and general weakness. The herbal components in Chandraprabha Vati have diuretic properties which help purify the blood of toxins more efficiently and eliminates micro-organisms that cause UTIs.
Its muscle relaxant properties help ease joint pains and discomfort. Some of the herbs in Chandraprabha Vati are also a natural source of multivitamins which provide strength and boost immunity. Take Chandraprabha Vati for immediate relief from burning sensation, itching or pain in lower abdomen while urinating and get lasting relief from all bladder- related problems.



The gum resin obtained from the bark extract of the mukul tree is extremely essential in the treatment of cardiovascular problems, hypertension, arthritis, obesity and atherosclerosis.


Shilajatu is the thick sticky exudate obtained from layers of rocks. It has a high mineral content and is effective for treating kidney stones, phthisis, dysuria, anaemia, epilepsy etc.


Also known as sugar, this ingredient imparts a sweet flavour to the herbal formulation.


A potent antioxidant, it reduces pain and swelling and also alleviates cough and cold symptoms from the body and is beneficial for the skin.


It holds high significance in treating several health conditions like fever, malaria, bronchitis, asthma, diarrhoea, glycosuria etc.


Being anti-inflammatory in nature, turmeric reduces inflammation within the body. It also acts as a natural detoxifier and purifies the blood and is helpful in treating liver and cholesterol problems.


A potent herb to alleviate cough, cold and sinus symptoms. It treats asthma, clears urinary stones, improves cognitive memory and is also found effective in skin and hair care.


The anti-microbial property of Mustak is used for treating various bacterial and fungal infections. Being an incredible herb, it lowers the blood glucose levels, promotes digestion and improves liver functions.


The herbal concoction is potent against several ailments including obesity, dental problems, constipation and fever.


A powerful digestive herb, it promotes digestion, alleviates, Constipaton, bloating, abdominal pain and distension.


The decoction of this magic herb is extremely beneficial in the treatment of liver problems, jaundice, fever, malaria and it also purifies the blood and cures skin diseases.


The essential found in the plant extract holds high significance in treating asthma, fever, pruritis, skin disease, constipation, arthritis and paralysis.


Dhania or coriander being high on vitamins is extremely beneficial in promoting digestion, regulating blood cholesterol levels, enhancing heart functions, treating arthritis, conjunctivitis etc.


This herb is strongly advocated in the treatment of rheumatic disorders, gout, arthritis, psoriasis, eczema, jaundice, hepatitis etc.


Chitrak is effectively used for boosting metabolism. It aids in digestion, promotes weight loss and also useful for relieving joint pains.


Shunthi or dried ginger is not only famous for its culinary uses but also for treating a host of ailments like obesity, headache, chest pain, cough, cold, urinary infections, flatulence, indigestion etc.


The herb serves as a potent remedy for treating haemorrhoids, syphilis, ulcer, anal fistula, menorrhagia, diabetes, dysentery etc.


Loaded with anti-oxidants, maricha or pepper lowers the blood cholesterol levels, manages diabetes, enhances gut health and also relieves pain and inflammation.


Pippali or Indian long pepper is extensively used for the treatment of indigestion, heartburn, diarrhoea, cholera, asthma etc.


Among the two types of kshaar (carbonates) used in this formulation, sodium carbonate (Sarjikshaar) acts as a potent antacid and treats stomach problems, heartburn and promotes digestion, whereas potassium carbonate (Yavkshaar), is used as an additive for buffering the formulation.


Addition of salts in the formulation deals with electrolyte imbalance, keeps the body hydrated by meeting the ion needs, prevent muscle cramps and maintains overall vascular health.

Swarnamakshika bhasma:

Being a concoction of copper and iron, the herbal ash is highly beneficial for the treatment of jaundice, anaemia, insomnia, vomiting, headache, nausea, bleeding piles, itching etc.


The purgative property of this herb is used to prevent and treat constipation, flatulence, haemorrhoids, oedema, indigestion etc.

Danti mool:

Danti is a natural blood purifier and is used to treat oedema, jaundice, asthma, bronchitis, haemorrhoids, abdominal tumour and splenomegaly.


The extract of the young bamboo tree is extremely useful in promoting bone, teeth and oral health. It also used for treating problems pertaining to skin, hair and nails.


A potent herb, Dalchini or cinnamon is used for repairing damaged tissues and treating a host of ailments including heart problem, diabetes, neural disorders, skin infections, cough and cold.


The bay leaf is used for preventing and managing diabetes, dandruff, joint pain, boils, fungal infections etc.

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As prescribed on the package.

Side Effects

Not known to have any side effects when used as prescribed.

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